Cash Investment Privilege

Carte Blanche is a cash investment privilege that allows its clients to benefit from high potential investments over the mid-long term.

It offers the opportunity to invest in high grade gems with potentially high returns in exchange for a share of the profit.

This type of investment is suitable only for those investors who are willing to remain invested for a longer period of time.

In order to benefit from this privilege the following applies:

• Starting from 50k;
• For at least one year straight;
• 10 percent return guaranteed;
• Quarterly payment;
• Initial investment refundable after 1 year

You are making a safe investment when you choose diamonds. This is because they maintain their value, even in economically uncertain times.

For example, pink diamonds have increased in value by 20% every year since 1980. In 2004, Sotheby's New York sold a 1.23-carat Purplish-Pink diamond for $143,089. When calculating the yearly increase, that would make that diamond worth over $600,000 today.

Unlike other assets, such as cryptocurrencies, bonds, treasuries, commodities or securities, diamonds remain completely unaffected by any drop in the financial market.

You can’t go wrong by investing in diamonds. A traditional and time-honored way to protect and increase your wealth or savings.

We hope this helps giving you a little bit of insight into diamonds and how they can be a valuable investment for you.

Feel free to reach out for any query. We are worth your trust.